2625 N Clark | The Kent - 1mo free on 14mo leases

Dear Chicago Brokers,  

KENT CHICAGO, Offers Modern Conveniences & Entertainment,

All Within Your Reach! 

          Schedule your tour Today: cpalmer@pmrcompanies.com

For questions or to schedule a follow up tour of your new home, please call NOW: 

° 773-281-1983 Option 2

° 407-881-4636 mobile

° 224-325-0091 leasing 

I'm looking forward to hear back from you SOON! 

Note: The attached hot sheet have our most up to date prices. 

KENT Chicago also made the following changes:

  1. When scheduling your tour, please send me your client's information such as: name, move in date, budget, email, phone number. Tours will not be schedule without this information.

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